It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Carmen Felder for 40 under 40.
Carmen Felder is my personal publicist and manager. We started working together at the beginning of
2017 and have been going strong ever since.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Carmen and have come to the conclusion that she adds
value to any team. She is a force multiplier whose character traits are of one who’s honest, dependable,
and incredibly hard-working. Beyond that, she is an impressive well versed effective communicator who is always positive and results driven.

Her knowledge of business management and networking is phenomenal. Since we combined efforts,
her expertise has maximized my brand and provided me numerous lucrative opportunities. Her presence alone has been a huge advantage for me in all business relationships. She patiently educated herself on
my brand and sought out opportunities that mirror my business ethics and morals. From observation, she has mastered the art of negotiation; enhancing all contractual and verbal agreements which continuously satisfies all my core expectations.

Along with her undeniable talent, Carmen has always been an absolute joy to work with. She is a true
team player, and always manages to foster positive discussions and bring the best out of anyone she
comes in contact with.

Carmen’s love for the Loudoun County community has assisted me in developing amazing relationships
within the community. She created an amazing Facebook group, Socialites of Loudoun (which I’m a
member of) to empower men, women, local businesses and to create events for her community. Her
passion for the community is undeniable; inspiring me and others to contribute and be present in the
community that supported me during my career as a player with the Washington Redskins.

Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Carmen to be 40 under 40. As a dedicated and knowledgeable Publicist, Business Manager and Consultant, she is an all-around amazing person. I know that she will be a beneficial addition to your team or platform due to her rare natural talents and drive to be successful. A true gem!

Best wishes,
Santana Moss

July 17, 2017

Hello All,

Being successful does not come easy. Maintaining a consistency of said success is
even more difficult. Surrounding yourself with people who uplift you is crucial.
Motivation can not come solely from within yourself, it often takes a “guide” to
open your eyes to the possibilities. Confidence, dedication, and genuine care
define the work of Ms. Carmen Felder. Ms. Felder is relentless in her pursuit of
helping others, and works closely with a great network of professionals that share
similar goals. Hard work and intuition are the tools Ms. Felder utilizes effectively
to assist and achieve these goals. Diversity is strength, and as a chef I have always
felt empowered and appreciated, working side by side with Carmen. It is with
extreme recommendation that I mention Ms. Carmen Felder, not only as a
successful professional, but also an inspired individual, who provides great service
and mentorship. Additional, she dresses very well.

Chris Edwards
Executive Chef/Owner: Chef Chris Edwards, Fine Dining Cuisine

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